Introducing 10 Circles

10 Circles is dedicated to helping communities and organizations unleash their capacity to create a more just, prosperous, and sustainable world. Our skills + your passion = real change.

Experts in Social Change Technology

Our tools help you accomplish your goals

Trusted and Experienced Support

10 Circles experienced team are leaders in social change facilitation


Collaborative Change

We help build powerful collaborations for change. If you are trying to move mountains, bring contentious people together, or create a better future, we have the experience and tools to help.

Systems Leadership

Systems thinking, mapping, and leadership underlie all our work. We help communities and leaders tap these critical tools for speeding up social change.

Capacity Building

At the heart of successful change are passionate and skilled leaders. Our capacity building programs can help you and your team move into a new realm of effectiveness.


We help leaders unlock their potential with effective coaching. If you have been wanting a trusted partner to explore how to be more effective and more satisfied in your work, give us a call.

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