Systems Mapping Made Better

Systems mapping is one of the tools I like to use with groups grappling with complexity. They can help clarify the situation and where to best make changes. But they can also be fearsomely complex and hard to read. Here is a two-part blog post from one of the founders of Kumu, an online platform for creating systems and network maps, that lays out the challenge and makes several suggestion on what we can do to make better and easier […]

What is 10 Circles Anyway?

I cannot really answer this question without giving you some backstory first. Bear with me. For the past decade and half, I have been restlessly and relentlessly exploring how we get diverse groups of people to work across political, social, racial, gender, age, geographic, power, and experience divides. Over that time, I have and the field of systems change has developed better and better tools—social technologies—to enable individuals to step outside their own frames of reference and see a problem […]