Building our capacity–human capacity–is central to every successful collaboration and change effort. I offer a series of workshops on the core skills and capacities that enable you to effectively contribute to and lead collaborative change.

These workshops can be offered in a variety of formats from webinar to full-day in-person intensives and they are often integrated into our work with you around collaboration. My approach is interactive, engaging, and focused on the unique learning needs of adults. Expect a fast-moving, hands-on experience. I currently offer capacity building services in these areas:



I offer both introductory and advanced training in facilitation for both people who are leading collaborations as systems leaders and for those who wish to deepen their skills as professional facilitators. Working from a flexible module-based curriculum we customize our facilitation training to meet your specific needs. We cover topics such as:

  • Objective-based meeting design
  • The role of the facilitator
  • Group dynamics and stages of group development
  • Decision-making
  • How to intervene effectively as a facilitator
  • Facilitative intelligence
  • Working with power, diversity, and conflict
  • The inner work of facilitation


This workshop is designed specifically for members of collaborations and focuses on the skills and tools that enable you to both contribute and get the most from a collaboration process. From listening, to leadership, to life in groups, and how to think together, it designed to make it possible for everyone to bring their best to a collaborative effort.

Systems thinking

This systems thinking workshop is a one-day intensive into the concepts and applications of systems tools to your real world problems. I introduce systems thinking and distinguish it from conventional thinking and then move into key systems tools such as feedback loops, time delays, systems archetypes, and systems mapping. This is an applied course and is always customized to your specific situation. At the end of the workshop you will have a simple systems map of your work. This workshop is particularly helpful for non-profit organizations who need a more holistic and effective way to describe their theory of success to funders and others.