Supporting effective collaborative change is my central mission. I work with you through the entire cycle of the collaborative change process:

  • Clarifying issues and opportunities where collaborative approaches can be helpful,
  • Designing the overall collaborative change cycle from engagement through action,
  • Stakeholder identification, mapping, and engagement,
  • Design and facilitation of stakeholder meetings,
  • Application of tools for effective collaboration, including systems mapping and collaborative capacity building,
  • Identification of ‘opportunity spaces’ for collaborative action,
  • Support for implementation of collaborative action,
  • Refreshing or closing down collaboratives.
Three movements of collaboration
Theory U

My approach is based on almost two decades of experience bringing together both allies and enemies to learn to see the world through a common lens and act together. I focus on building strong relationships between would-be partners through a carefully constructed process that is designed to engender better and better listening and thinking together. I make extensive use of the systems change process described in Theory U by Otto Scharmer.

Some of the kinds of collaboration I support include:

Public input processes

One of the most challenging collaboration settings is managing a public or semi-public meeting where the potential for conflict is high. I specialize in creating a welcoming environment for public comment that diffuses tension by recognizing our differences.

Internal planning processes including strategic planning

Creativity & strategy development

Lining up allies and co-workers behind a common vision and strategic direction is one the most important ways we can build more change capacity. I offer a unique approach to strategic planning that accesses both your external senses and resources and your deep internal intentions. By skillfully balancing the tactical and the strategic, I help you create a living roadmap to the future you want to create.

Some of the ways I can work with you include helping you to:

  • Sense the field through interviews, focus groups, and surveys
  • Understand your role in the ecosystem of change and your unique capacities
  • Discover your organization’s deep intention and direction for the future
  • Build meaningful long- and short-term strategies that close the gap between aspiration and actuality

I work in a variety of formats including short intensives and longer, deeper explorations.

Conference design and large group processes

Gathering 50 or more people for a symposium, conference, or summit can be one of the most powerful ways to unleash collaborative potential. I help design and facilitate large group events that are interactive at their heart, engaging, and lead to development of relationships, new thinking, and ultimately action.