The core of my practice is meeting facilitation. My goal is always to maximize the value of your meeting time. To do this I work with you to clarify your goals, assure the right people are at the table, and most importantly bring cutting edge methods to assure that there is maximum participation and exchange of ideas.

I work in a wide variety of settings including:

Public input processes

One of the most challenging facilitation settings is managing a public or semi-public meeting where the potential for conflict is high. I specialize in creating a welcoming environment for public comment that diffuses tension by recognizing our differences.

Organizational retreats, events, and meetings

With the right plan, activities, and careful facilitation you can get more done and build goodwill that lasts long past the retreat. I specialize in full-day and multi-day meetings where outcomes are critical and the issue is getting buy-in from all participants.

Large group events

When you need to bring together 30 to 300 people, the challenge is how to organize an event that engages participants and has the results you want. I use the latest and most engaging frameworks to create dynamic large group experiences.

Strategic planning

Organizations large and small, new and old, all need to chart a clear path towards achieving their goals. Strategic planning, done well, can help your team find the shortest route to success.

I use a four-part iterative method that will:

  • Clarify your mission and vision
  • Assess your changing environment
  • Evaluate your capacities and assets
  • Establish strategic objectives and action plans to reach those objectives.

My approach can be adapted to retreat settings or done in several meetings as best fits your needs and schedule.