I am available to serve you or your group in three ways, with skilled facilitation, effective facilitation, and training. To learn more about any of these offerings, contact me. You can reach me by phone or email. Details on the contact page. I look forward to working with you!  


Effective facilitation of group work has been both my passion and the core of my practice for almost two decades. I work in a wide variety of settings from complex long-term collaborations to emergency help with groups and boards who find themselves at a crossroads or in conflict. My approach is objective-based, focused on how to achieve the group's goals, engaging, and always looking for ways to strengthen a group long-term.

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I offer two distinct kinds of coaching. The first is around professional and personal development for those who work in demanding mission-oriented change processes. My goal here is to help you unlock your innate systems leadership capacities. The second is for facilitators and is focused on how to effectively design and lead your engagements. This is hands-on support to make your work more effective.


Capacity building for teams, organizations, and communities is one of my joys. I offer training in facilitation, both introductory and advanced, systems leadership, and systems tools for social change. Each training is uniquely tailored to your needs.

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